Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 Features you will get:

  • Wrapped tread which makes the product looks rugged with increasing resistance of puncture
  • Extended tread life and performance, for various wet roads condition
  • Better steering and cornering
  • Increased road grip and contact with increasing footprint wide

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 is premium solution over all your tire problem for your van, truck, and all sport vehicles. Supported with latest tread technology and sidewall design, this special tire makes your high-powered vehicle more stylish. You can get the best acceleration power and grip from Dynapro ATM series for both off and on-road. In addition, you can also get the most stable steering, cornering, enhanced traction for off-road etc. For security reason, the tires are supported with stone ejectors which protecting the tries from any damage and increase the durability of the tires.

Reviews from customer

At least until today, there is no serious problem I got with my 07xterra, 265/75/16 tire. I have travelled more than 50,000 miles and still it works great. The only one product I could find in the market which has nearly the same performance is BFG AT KO which offers cheaper price. The only less point from this product is I can not find any 3 ply sidewall which I can find from BFG products. Try to keep the 40 psi for the TPMS system and make sure that whenever your each 10,000 miles you perform rotation to the tires.

The tires have good traction, but you should aware for its relatively noisy sound, but usually it will stop when you run on a highway. –

My Cherokee jeep is wearing 235/65/15 tires, my lovely ones. It has been more than 10,00 miles I have run the tires and it seems there is no problem until now. For me, the durability of a tire is mostly determined by its driver’s driving habit than the quality of the tire. The tires work fine on off-road tracks with a bit traction which I surely need and with 19 psi adjusted air. It also works fine on icy and snowy road. A bit noisy, but that’s fine with me.

This product just amazes me. Well, I have also heard about other products which offer almost the same quality, but at least with no problem happened until today, it makes me put my choice on this product. In the future, maybe I will replace the tires with another better product if there is something bad happend with the tires. –

I bought these tires from Amazon more than half a year ago and have them in a week. After have the tires installed, I started to run them for 50 miles per week, mostly for my job. Well, no problem at the beginning, but when it reached the first month, the first problem come. The tires leaked. Since, I know nothing about tires, I hand them to an expert and ask him to fix the problem.

He told me that there was a blister on the Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 which made it as a defect from its manufacturer. Now, I can enjoy the tires without any need to worry. Except the problem I had for the first time, the tires work fine until today. Hope it will be the first and last problem I got because of these tires because it will force me to replace them with another product. For me, both driver’s driving habit and the product quality play the same role in determining the durability of a product.

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