Hankook K425

Hankook K425 is solution for everyone who are looking for a vehicle which has high efficiency in fuel consumption and great comfortability in riding. Both these efficiency and comfortability came from the latest technology in controlling the machine vibration and materials adjusted in the system.

A tire improvement is also done to the system to increase system performance while riding both on wet and dry conditions. This new experience came from both its newly designed tires and, optimized tire widh, and advanced positioning for its 3 channel grooves.

Reviews from customer:

I bought this product for my new car and, actually, I only knew very little of it until I need to replace one of the tires. They work perfectly for me, even though it is not the cheapest product I can find in the market, nor the most expensive one. I have driven it for more than 9000 miles and I think it can still run for more than 10,000. Since I am not a good drive, the tires give me good grip I need so much both for wet and dry condition. Well, this product is just excellent for me.

I give this product as a present to my father and give another alloy wheels to him, Ford Escord TD 1.8.1998. Since the first I bought it in the summer, nothing bad happens. The tires work nicely until today and the grip is so good even though I drive the vehicle on newly built asphalt. When I decided to buy a new Ford Fijesta in 2011, I also decided to have all Hankook tires for the vehicle. Per my experience, there is nothing I need to worry about, no matter when I should run the vehicle on various terrains.

These tires work nicely for my Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6. I have driven the car on various terrains, but still I got everything done nicely. For the $52 I should pay to get these tires, I think the manufacturer can even increase the price since it offers almost perfect performance from the products. I am not an expert in evaluating tires performance, but at least I can say that this product can work nicely in almost all terrains with good braking, acceleration, and handling. Well, nothing perfect. The only disadvantage I experienced from this tire is its durability. I hope I can run the tires for more than 20,000 miles, but thing I got is only 12,500 miles.

This makes me think whether to choose another brand for my car or stay with this one. Maybe I need an extra time to decide this since I can get a very good performance from this product. If there is another product out there which can offer the same performance and give longer durability, I will surely choose it! At present, I think the closest product is Michelin, but I should think further before taking Hankook K425 since it forces me to spend more money than I should spend to buy Hankook tires.

Maybe I should wait for a little longer until I see a good product available in the market, a product which can offer both cheap price and perfect performance on all terrains in this world.

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