Kumho KU31

I just make a combination between rim from Fabia vRS with Kumho KU31 (205/45 R16 87W). This is the first time for me to have a tyre which is better than my previous Continental SCII.

I began to realize that this product only has firm and small sidewall band which is made to comfort the driver, yet it is still much better that what SCII has. Another thing I realized is special protection aimed for the rim is not as safe as what Conti SCII has. You can even easily find more lug of the product, near the outside walls. Another area which should become your concern is the void one which is better than Conti. The material used is much smoother than Conti when the temperature drops. At this time, you should heat the tyres to work properly.

Technically, Kumho KU31 need trigger, such as mould-releasing agent, before achieving its optimum performance, usually after 99 miles. First experience I got is they need wider angle to produce higher force the vehicle needs than SCII which means you need to turn your car around specific corner. In result, you will feel that the tires moves slowly even though they have achieved maximum grip and traction.

This product is not old enough to be loaded with serious test. Basically, this product gives standard performance in cornering and loading. However, I can still get higher attitude from the corner, along with strong grip from the front end below the external power source. This allows me to maintain the rear part of the vehicle loaded. As a suggestion, you can try to perform more and better steering than you should do with SCII so you can get most optimized balance.

It is good to know that both the damping and stiffer (the sidewalls) have a good combination. You can change your SCII sidewall into baggy from soft one after run your vehicle for at least 5K miles, but be careful since you will get both bouncy and springy tires, too. Kumho KU31 always perform better than SCII, especially when we are talking about combining it with microdamping features. Furthermore, you will have an improved surface which improve the system inside your vehicle.

Well, as far as i go, this product give me almost everything I need from Kumho tires
. I will take them for another trip, farther of course, and during all seasons.

Some disadvantages that I should point out from this product is after reaching 300 miles, it becomes difficult to perform a cornering especially when the weather becomes wet.

For the price, I have to admit that Kumho KU31 gives me more advantages than what I can expect, based from the price I should spend to get these tires. It is why I strongly recommend this product for everyone. For $53.95 each, I think this product is good enough. I don’t know whether the company will increase the price or not because of the performance offered by these tyres in the future, but if you don’t know which tire you should buy for your car, you should have this product in your consideration list.